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Chiseled / Living Edge

Chiseled / Living Edge

A chiseled or living edge for a countertop is a type of edge profile that is characterized by a rough, textured surface that mimics the natural contours of the tree trunk or branch from which the countertop material was taken. This type of edge profile can give a countertop a more rustic, natural, and organic look.


A chiseled or living edge is typically achieved by leaving the natural edge of the wood, often a tree slab, unfinished and preserving its natural contours. This edge profile is suitable for countertops made of natural wood materials such as hardwood, softwood, or reclaimed wood.


This type of edge profile is becoming more popular in contemporary and rustic design styles and can add a unique and interesting visual element to a space. However, it's important to note that the edge profile will be different for each piece of wood, so there will be variations in the shape, size, and texture.


Additionally, living edge countertops are usually sealed to protect the wood from moisture and stains but they may still require more maintenance and care than other types of countertops.

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