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Pencil Edge

Pencil Edge

A pencil edge on a countertop is a type of edge profile that is characterized by a very thin, rounded edge that is similar in shape to the edge of a pencil. This edge profile is typically only a few millimeters thick and can create a sleek and modern countertop look.


This type of edge is achieved by using a specialized router bit or by hand-carving the edge. The pencil edge is a popular option for countertops made of natural stone, such as granite or marble, and can also be used with other materials such as engineered stone, quartz, or solid surface.

This profile is less used in the kitchen, but it's an excellent option for bathroom vanities, powder rooms, and other low-use areas. Because of its thinness, it can be more delicate than other edge profiles and may chip or break more easily.


Additionally, since it's a very thin edge profile, it's not suitable for countertops that will be used in heavy-use areas, such as kitchen countertops, as it may wear out faster.

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