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Double Ogee Edge

Double Ogee Edge

A double ogee edge on a countertop is a type of edge profile that features two ogee curves, one concave and one convex, creating a more ornate and decorative look. This edge profile is characterized by a unique "S" shape, with two curves: a concave curve near the top of the edge and a convex curve near the bottom.


This profile can be created by using a specialized router bit or by hand-carving the edge. It's commonly used in natural stone countertops like granite or marble, but can also be used with other materials like engineered stone, quartz or solid surface.


A double ogee edge is a popular choice for many types of countertops, it's an ornate and elegant edge profile that can add a formal and refined look to the countertop. It's often used in traditional or high-end design styles, and can be a great option for countertops in areas where an elegant and ornate look is desired, such as bathrooms, kitchens, or formal dining areas.


It's worth noting that the double ogee edge is a more complex edge profile than a single ogee edge, and requires more skill and precision to create, which can make it more expensive and time-consuming to produce.

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