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Full Bullnose Edge

Full Bullnose Edge

A full bullnose edge on a countertop is a type of edge profile that is characterized by a full and rounded edge that creates a smooth and continuous curve along the edge of the countertop. This profile is created by using a specialized router bit or by hand-carving the edge.


A full bullnose edge can create a very elegant and refined look for the countertop, and is a popular option for countertops made of natural stone, such as granite or marble, and can also be used with other materials like engineered stone, quartz or solid surface. The rounded edge not only adds an elegant look but also can make the countertop more comfortable to use, as it eliminates sharp edges.


This edge profile can be used in a variety of settings, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where countertops are frequently used. It's a great option for countertops that will be used in heavy-use areas, as it can help to prevent chipping and breaking.


Additionally, the full bullnose edge can be a good option for creating a seamless transition between countertop and other surfaces, like a cooktop or sink. It's also a functional edge, as it makes cleaning and wiping down spills, crumbs and other debris much easier.

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