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Half Inch Bevel Edge

Half Inch Bevel Edge

A half-bevel edge on a countertop is a type of edge profile that is characterized by a subtle slope or angle that runs along the top edge of the countertop. The bevel typically measures about half an inch in width and creates a small chamfer that runs along the edge.


This edge profile can be created by using a specialized router bit or by hand-carving the edge. It's commonly used in natural stone countertops like granite or marble but can also be used with other materials like engineered stone, quartz, or solid surface.


A half-bevel edge can provide an understated and elegant look to a countertop and also makes it easier to wipe crumbs or spills off the surface. Additionally, it can also be helpful to avoid injury of sharp edges.


This edge profile is a subtle design touch that can add a refined look to the countertop, and it's a great option for countertops in areas where a clean and modern look is desired, such as kitchen counters or islands, or for countertops that will be used in heavy-use areas.

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